Executive MBA Program

In today’s corporate world, it has become important to tap into global markets in order to ensure the viability of a venture. Businesses are expanding rapidly and no corporate body wants to keep itself limited to the boundaries of a single nation or economy. With increasing reach of businesses and economies becoming more and more open, there is a need of managers who are experts in maintaining and controlling the international side of a business. In keeping with these requirements of the ever-globalizing environment, ISBS has developed Executive MBA program in association with foreign universities like University of Georgia, College De Paris- France. The purpose of the global study is to give students a global exposure in terms of teaching pedagogy, industry visits and diverse cultural immersion to enable them to expand and develop their outlook. Under this program students will complete their 1st year of MBA at ISBS and 2nd year in the respective Global Universities. In 2nd year students will go for On Job Training and start earning from the 2nd year.



In the spirit of cooperation, we encourage the sharing of knowledge, best practice, research and news. Regional Group of Institutions was a revolutionary educational initiative to create a 4th category for this very student.

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